Build your Dream Team(s) of Tomorrow

Shaping teams for the future

What does it take to become a future-smart team where each will go the extra mile and just loves it? We explore with your teams what works best for them. Because we strongly believe that people can really re-invent themselves around a shared purpose as long as they can identify themselves with it. We help teams to find what connects them, what their superpowers are, and how they can start realizing their dreams together. 

Some Examples

  • Your team members are not often together, and you plan a strategic workshop with them to define future objectives. An inspiring, insightful teambuilding that helps them to connect is what you are looking for.
  • An international team needs to find a charter in how to work together virtually.
  • There have been many conflicts in the team due to personality differences, and you would like to get this resolved.
  • Some team members have to work together towards a shared goal, and as a kickoff you would like them to agree on a way of working

JIVE HR Cases we are proud of

  • Identifying shared team values at Cargill
  • Finding a shared purpose for an M&A team at Fluxys OGE
  • Building One Team at Cargill
  • Insights in Team Strengths at Vandelanotte
  • Identifying the super powers of HR teams in various industries
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